A Strange Encounter 

A strange thing happened to me today. On my way to the elevator, I ran into this old lady. She couldnt’ve been younger than 80. As we made our way down the building, I could see her eyeing me up and down, so, I turned towards her and smiled. The smile was not reciprocated. Instead, with one eye squinted and a look of disgust she said, “I’m suspicious of you.”

I let the words sink in for a few seconds. “Suspicious of me?” I asked “…Why?”

“Because I’m an old, dumb, woman,” she sighed. “I’m old, and can’t speak English good, so I’m stupid.”

I was shocked. “Well, what language do you speak?” I asked.

“Japanese,” she replied.

“Well, I can’t speak a word of Japanese. I only know English but that doesn’t make me dumb. So, see? You can’t be dumb either.”

She paused, I assumed, to let the words sink in. 

“Do you speak Spanish?,” she asked.
“Nope. Just English.”

She nodded and I saw a hint of a smile on her face. But, as we walked out of the elevator she yelled, “I’m retarded!” Then, she took off!

….Strange, right?!

Why was she so harsh on herself? I wonder if she really understood the words she spoke, or if she might’ve just been trying to use words she recently heard. It could also be possible that she lived with someone who was verbally abusive and was regurgitating their words…Then again, she could also have been senile :/


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