Fighting Insomnia

Every once in a while I run into a bout of insomnia, but it’s usually not too bad because I like to draw and write. Sometimes, however, when I really REALLY need to sleep, I figure out new ways to exhaust myself and/or bore myself to sleep (I gotta keep it fresh, otherwise it won’t work!) 

This time, I’ve figured out a method which is a little absurd. I go to YouTube, and I watch interviews with Viggo Mortensen. Don’t get me wrong! I think the dude is totally cool, in fact, I absolutely adore the guy!  He’s SO talented, and if you’ve ever seen the LOTR extras, you’d know that he is extremely kind & funny….BUT, his voice- It’s just the right mixture of “monotone” and “mumble” that I need in order to get a good nights rest. 

So, if you suffer from insomnia and are looking for new ways to alleviate it, I highly recommend listening to a Viggo Mortensen interview!



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